To identify courses that meet the requirements for the DH Graduate Certificate:

  1. Review the master list of approved electives. Note: “Grad” denotes graduate courses, “LD” denotes lower division, and “UD” denotes upper division courses.
  2. Identify courses you’re interested in.
  3. Check the course schedule to see if the courses of interest are offered in the next quarter.
  4. Register!

Graduate Courses

ARCH & UD 291 Theory of Architectural Programming (Cuff)
ART HIST C203D Museum Studies
DESMA 252A/B Programming Media
DESMA 269 Design | Media Arts Grad Seminar (Lunenfeld)
DGT HUM 201 Introduction to Digital Humanities
DGT HUM 299 Capstone Research in Digital Humanities (required)
FILM TV 224 Computer-Film Study
FILM TV C245 Creative Authoring for World Wide Web
FILM TV 246 Electronic Culture (Mamber)
HIST 201V The Digital in History
INF STUD 200 Information and Society
INF STUD 201 Ethics & Diversity & Change (Furner)
INF STUD 214 Information: Principles and Practices
INF STUD M253 Knowledge Representation (Taira)
INF STD 245 Information Access (Richardson)
INF STD 227 Information Studies in Culturally Diverse Communities (Srinivasan)
INF STD 260 Information Structures
INF STD 270 Seminar: Intro to Information Studies (Blanchette)
INF STD 272 Computer-Human Interaction (Lievrouw)
INF STD 279 Information Architecture (Boyden)
INF STD 282 Information Systems: Analysis & Design (Blanchette)
INF STD 289 Issues in Information Studies (as topics apply; please email Miriam Posner for specific approval)
INF STD 291B Ph.D. Seminar: STS (Blanchette)
INF STD 431 Archives, Records, and Memory
PUB POLICY M224B Advanced Geographic Information Systems (Kawano)
PUB POLICY 290 Special Topics in Public Policy: Intro to Data Science Using R
URB PLAN M206A Intro to Geographic Information Systems (Estrada and Kawano)

Please fill out this form if you’d like to petition for an elective. Include all the information you can, including a syllabus, if available. Petitions will be reviewed at least once a quarter. Please email DHMinor [at] if you have additional questions.