Dianna Kim on Startups and Design

By The Digital Humanities Editorial Team

Dianna Kim graduated in June 2018 with a degree in economics and a minor in digital humanities.

What have you been up to since graduation?

I currently work as a graphic designer for a Fintech startup. When I started college, I never expected to be somewhere like this, but I love it.

Why did you get involved with the DH Program?

I was always interested in working on design projects, but as an economics major, there really isn’t a lot of opportunity to get involved. While working on a personal project junior year, a friend of mine mentioned I should look into the digital humanities program. I enrolled in DH101 and was hooked.

What was your favorite experience?

Definitely my upper division information visualization class with Professor Drucker. She was so amazing and passionate about data visualization, it gave me a greater appreciation for working with data. I learned so much about using design to convey meaning and illuminate trends; it really cemented my desire to be a designer.

How has DH helped you with your career?

DH is the most practical minor offered at UCLA. I learned how to use so many tools like Excel and Tableau, and it made transitioning to an office so much easier.

It’s not just the practical skills though. DH taught me how to think about data and information on a more human level. It taught me how to critique information, and approach data differently.

Do you have any advice for new minors?

If you’re on the fence about enrolling in the minor, I think you should just start with DH101. That was the most important class I have taken at UCLA. I think it offers a really great overview of digital humanities, and by the end you should know if DH is the minor for you.